Top 10 Best Dressed South African Female Celebrities Right Now


Best Dressed South African Celebrities

Look, we aren’t opening up a platform to discuss whether or not Luthando Shosha aka Loot Love is a style icon. It’s a fact!

We find her so absolutely refreshing in the game. We love her constant play on androgyny. She’s a helpless sneaker – head who does not mind wearing some of her fave kicks with a dress.


The way she switches between feminine and masculine styles makes her stand out. She’s so true to herself it couldn’t be more obvious.


Best Dressed South African Celebrities

Well of course! This whole list would have lost credibility had Sarah Langa not been featured. Her whole Instagram account could be a trip for hours. The Stylista ambassador and face of  Woolworths quite evidently loves fashion and is not scared to show that off.


Best Dressed South African Celebrities

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