10 Best-Paying Jobs In Japan In 2017, Apart From Businessman Or Politician


Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun, is a beautiful, fascinating and rewarding place to live and work. It’s no secret that the Asian country boasts a highly advanced technological culture. But, it also offers never-ending opportunities for exciting experiences, sightseeing, lots of public holidays, an amazing nightlife plus great medical insurance schemes.

Social welfare and prosperity are reflected in the high salaries in both the private and public sector. For example, as IT professionals can earn more than 500,000 Japanese yen (£2,732) per month, if you know how to negotiate, it stands to reason that there is a lot of money to be made in Japan. To prove the point, I have compiled a list with the top ten highest paid jobs in Japan based on data from Salary Explorer:

(Salaries displayed are annual)

10. Freight Forwarder


Responsibilities: Freight forwarders are agents who act on behalf of importers, exporters or other companies to transport goods in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Education: Not all employers require candidates to have a degree; some of them prefer you to have hands-on experience in a related area. But, if you want to pursue a degree, potential ideal subjects could include transport/distribution/logistics, business/management, supply chain management and business with modern languages, etc.

Key skills/traits: As a freight forwarder, you need to be clear when communicating with others, have outstanding organisational and planning skills, be a team player, and demonstrate sensitivity to culture and religion. Language skills are important to helping you advance your career abroad.

Average pay per year: 10,000,000 JPY (£54,660)

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