10 Best-Paying Jobs In Japan In 2017, Apart From Businessman Or Politician

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1. Risk Analyst

Responsibilities: Risk analysts help businesses determine the amount of financial risks involved concerning investments and operational costs.

Education: At least a bachelor’s degree in a finance-related subject is required. A graduate degree in risk management is considered a plus. You can also pursue graduate-level certificate programs in financial risk management to increase your employability. At least five years of work experience within a Corporate Risk Management department, risk consulting, or insurance company is required.

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Key skills/traits: Analytical capabilities to analyse risk, high organisational skills and strong attention to detail are just some of the key skills/traits risk analysts need to succeed.

Average pay per year: 16,000,000 JPY (£87,500)

Planning to move abroad to pursue a highly earning job? If you have the skills and qualifications (and the drive) for any of these jobs, then Japan could be the best place to be!

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