10 Best-Paying Jobs In Singapore 2018, Apart From Businessman Or Politician

10 Singapore Jobs That Pay More Than Well

For some, their job is their passion — they do what they do because they love it, and follow their heart, not the money.

But for many others, their job is just a way for them to be able to afford that yearly vacation to Bali or branded handbag they’ve been lusting after.

Well, we think it’s better to have a bit of both — after all, passion is great but it doesn’t fill your stomach.

Work And Get Paid Well

So let’s have the best of both worlds, and work at a job that you’re passionate about and pays well.

To help you, we took a look at the 2018 Singapore Salary report by professional services recruitment consultancy Morgan McKinley and compiled the top 10 jobs that will leave you rolling in money — provided, of course, you have 3 to 5 years experience in the relevant field and the relevant academic qualifications.

We left out the businessmen and politicians, as what they earn can be subjective. (For businessmen it depends on how they run their business, and for politicians, it depends on what the people who elect them let them get away with.)

10. Financial Accountant (Monthly Median Wage: $8,300)

Financial accountants are in charge of tracking the finances of a company for various purposes. This is done by scouring through the company’s list of monetary transactions to reveal any discrepancies or problems.

Accountants can both work in-house or for an accounting firm, which sources them to clients.

If you have a keen eye for detail and a knack at numbers, then this may be your calling.

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