10 Best-Paying Jobs In Singapore 2018, Apart From Businessman Or Politician

1. Investment Banking Associate ($19,800)

In the pursuit of money, nobody beats investment bankers. These guys literally use money to make more money.

They study the markets and use firms’ money to purchase stocks and bonds. If the markets are in their favour, they win big — a single successful transaction can earn a firm millions of dollars.

Additionally, they help clients raise their value in the capital market.

Of course, these guys take a cut of that money for themselves. No wonder they’re on the top of the list.

Naturally, with great reward comes great risk too. A single mistake by these bankers can cause a company to lose millions of dollars, so a good investment banker not only must have stellar academic records but also impeccable foresight and a steady nerve.

Not All That Glitters Is Gold

While these jobs pay extremely well, they all have their merits and shortcomings — in fact, every job is like that.

It may be alluring to lead the good life, but note that sacrifices may have to be made, as most of these jobs are incredibly soul-sucking and tiring.

Don’t base your job decisions solely on salary — only with passion can you truly find job satisfaction and happiness.

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