10 Celebs You Never Knew Were Filipino


We live in an amazing and multicultural world, that’s full of beautiful and talented people. Since we all are a bit obsessed with celebrities, we have a lot of favorites. We say we love this actor in this specific movie, and this actress in all of her Tv-shows, we obsess over that musicians album and so on. We’re focused on what they’ve achieved or what they’re working on, and let’s be honest, we’re also a little obsessed with their private life, but we rarely know what kind of background do they have.

What kind of life did they have before becoming a celebrity, who are their parents and where did they grow up. There’s nothing wrong with that. But sometimes it’s nice to find out that your favorite celeb has the same heritage as you do. So today let’s talk about celebs you didn’t know were Filipino. It’s time for some Pinoy pride.


1. Bruno Mars

You probably know that everyone’s favorite “Uptown Funk” singer was born in Hawaii. But did you know that Bruno’s mother is Filipino and his dad is Puerto Rican- Jewish? Well, now you know.

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