10 Foods You Probably Didn’t Know Were Unique to Singapore

With Heritage Day coming up I was browsing for cool Singaporean food ideas, and I started to realise that there is a ton of great food that I thought was universal, but turns out is unique to Singapore.

This list covers foods some of our unique foods, but it only represents a small sample of the entire food scene because there are still MANY, MANY foods that deserves to be in this list, we decided to cover only 10, which do not justify the range of foods you can find at Singapore.

Here are some from my list, revel in the unique delights our country has to offer in one way or another!

#1. Wanton Mee

The standout item in this Hokkien noodle dish is the clouds of pork dumplings that are served with char siew (barbeque pork) and handmade egg noodles.

If you don’t fancy the dry version (tossed in a soy and lard based dressing), you can also order the noodles in soup.

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