10 Highest Earning Celebrities in Philippines

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Fame, influence, glam and really high-class lifestyle are just some of the perks of being a local celebrity in the Philippines. If you are lucky to be part of the industry, you will have the chance to be part of that chosen groups of social elites whose life is being watched by cameras.

Being in showbiz has upsides and downsides. Some may say that once you become a public figure, you can never do wrong because people will always have something to thrown upon you to destroy your career. It seemed that you need to become a perfect and flawless public personality once you enter showbizness. It is clearly the downside of being famous.

However, as mentioned earlier, there are also perks of being a showbiz personality. And one of them is about the money. According to an estimate, a regular actress earns about 20,000-50,000 for just a simple appearance in a public event or show.

This money is what you call their talent fee. Even if they just went on an event for a song or for a simple talk, their fee is equivalent to thousand of pesos. Indeed, there’s money in showbizness.

And this depend on your popularity rate – the more popular you are, the higher your popularity. Now, let us check who among our artists are earning big money just because they are very popular! Check this out!

Manny Pacquiao

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao is among the highest earning celebrities today. Although he is not a formal and a regular actor, he has made several endorsements and several TV appearances. He actually had a movie, and lots of advertisements both locally and internationally. As of today, he has a net worth total of $300M which he has gained from his previous fights and TV endorsements. This figure made him actually one of the the richest PH celebrities today.

Sharon Cuneta

No doubt, Sharon is really one of the highest earning celebrities today. She started her career during the late 70s, and from then on, her career never did backslide. Being part of the memorable tandem Sharon-Gabbie in the 80s, Sharon has made quite a showbiz reputation that made her the one and only “Megastar”. Her net worth as of today is equivalent to a Billion Peso. She earned and is still earning a lot from her endorsements. Plus the fact that she is married to one of the PH senator, Kiko Pangilinan. Sharon Cuneta is still undeniably one of the most-idolized artists of today.

Willie Revillame

The most generous, TV host, as they say is the very rich and influential Willie Revillame,. Despite being knocked down several times, Kuya Wil still manage to get up and be back on track. A couple of years ago, rumors circulated that he is gradually losing his properties, but this was also just a bluff. Kuya Wil just went on hiatus, but he is still very rich. As a matter of fact, he has a lot of properties both in and out of the country which includes some five-star hotels and restaurants.

Lucy Torres

Her beauty, talents and her inheritance made her one of the richest celebrities. Lucy is an heiress to a sugarcane plantation in Ormoc, which makes her really rich. Her stable career as an actress and as a politician makes her even more economically superior than the others. She is now a public servant in her hometown in Ormoc.

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Vic Sotto

Next is the one and only Vic Sotto. He is among the most stable actor in the PH showbiz industry. His investments are airtight, his earnings as host and co-owner of Eat Bulaga! Is also very stable. There are many rumors about his real net worth. Some says it’s $100M, while some say it’s only 100M Pesos. Whatever the real one is, it’s important to emphasize that with good investment comes a stable and fruitful return in the future.

Joey De Leon

The one and only “PangGay” is also among the richest celebrities now. His career as a comedian, songwriter, producer, TV host has made him richer. He actually has a net worth of $20M. And he got this from his multiple investments, projects and stunts as a showbiz personality. Although he is now a very established man, he still goes to work as one of the hosts of the longest-running noontime show, Eat Bulaga!

Kris Aquino

Need we say more? Kris is obviously among the elites in showbizness. She got her wealth from both her inheritance and her earnings as one of the premier actress of this generation. Her social influence and her talents made her the “Queen of All Media”, and has given her a net worth equivalent to $2.2$ to $3.3M.

Ricky Reyes

The person who worked alongside big artists are the assistant and the ‘glam team’. Ricky started as part of that. He used to work closely with the personalities that gave him the opportunity to also be part of the ‘showbiz circle’. He used that connections to also grow economically. Now, he owns a lot of salons, beauty parlors and a cosmetic line because of this hard work.

Bong Revilla

Despite the rumor that his wealth is illegally accumulated, it still cannot be denied that Bong Revilla is among the richest celebrities today. His career as one the finest leading men in the early 200s and his inheritance from his well-off family is enough to make him qualify for this list. Although he is currently detained, his numerous investments do the work for him, so he is continually earning.

Vilma Santos

Last but not definitely the least is Vilma Santos. The one and only “Ate V” also managed to remain in this list. Vilma’s career boomed during the 70s, as she was recognized as the main rival of the superstar, Nora Aunor. The two competed in all of showbiz aspects – singing, dancing, acting, and even on the number of advertisements. Because of this close competition, Ate V managed to earn a lot of money. Then she put this money into stable investments. Now, she enjoys a very well-off life as the governor of Batangas, wife to PH senator Ralph Recto and as the businesswoman she became because of her investments. Her total networth as of today, they say is equivalent to 300-500 Million Pesos.

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