10 Local Movies Every Singaporean Adores

Movies can provoke the most intense emotions from the viewer, whether it’s immense joy as you watch George Bailey find out it’s a wonderful life after all, or crippling sadness when you witness the atrocities of the Nazis depicted in Schindler’s list or white hot rage when you see NOTHING HAPPENING at all in Fantastic 4.

And for some select movies, it can make you feel that deep undecipherable surge of  pure Singaporean pumping through your veins. So here at Shopback, we’ve compiled a list of 20 local films that every Singaporean adores.

1. Army Daze

Army Daze

This is the quintessential army movie in Singapore (Sorry Ah Boys to Men 1-3). It captured beautifully the balance of patriotism and nonchalance, the desire to serve and the reluctance to commit two years of their lives.


A nuanced look into two of the more important years of a boy’s life, Army Daze will leave you in a pure Singaporean daze

2. Mee Pok Man

Mee Pok Man

While i was bummed to realize it wasn’t about a superhero who used Mee Pok to fight crime, Eric Khoo’s debut feature length film is a prototype of the comic sensibilities that his subsequent movies showcased.


It was dark, funny and brought viewers out of their comfort zone. But please do a superhero movie about a Mee Pok Man Mr Khoo.

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