10 Mind-Blowing Singapore Facts You Never Knew

Located at the end of Malayan Peninsula between Indonesia and Malaysia, Singapore is an island City-State in Southeast Asia. Spreading across a land area of more than 714 square kilometers, Singapore is a beautiful and one of the most developed countries in Southeast Asia. Singapore has four official languages- English, Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil. Here are some interesting facts about Singapore that are sure to amuse you:

1. Lion City with NO Lion

Yes, Singapore is the English word for “Singapura”, which means Lion City. But did you know that there are no lions in Singapore. The name “Singapore” was derived from the Sanskrit term simha orsingha, which means “Lion”. No surprise, Lion is also the national animal of Singapore.

2. Celebrating Many Cultures

You will not find any specific ethnic group in Singapore that can be pointed out. It is a country rich in cultural diversity and celebrates many ethnicity e.g. Chinese, Malay, and Indian.

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