10 Mind-Blowing Singapore Facts You Never Knew

11. History of Timezone

Believe it or not, but, Singapore’s time zone has been modified for almost 6 times over the last century. Until May 31, 1905, Singapore was 6.5 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Then it changed to 7 hour then 07:20…07:30…09:00…07:30 and in 1982, it was again redefined to be 8 hours ahead of GMT.
Why so? The whole story is that East Malaysia was GMT +8.00 & West Malaysia was GMT +7.50. Malaysia decided to standardize their timing but it’d be awkward for Singapore to be the only one who’s 7.5 hours ahead of GMT. So, they changed it!

12. World’s First Nocturnal Zoo

Singapore night safari
World’s first night safari zoo was opened in Singapore on the eve of 3rd May 1994. This Night Safari took almost seven years to complete at a cost of S$62.5 million. The night-time zoo was initially named the Asian Night Safari with a focus on Asian species but was later renamed the Night Safari.

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