10 Most Affordable Areas To Buy An HDB Resale Flat

HDB Resale Units Can Be Affordable, Too

Singapore is respected worldwide for plenty of reasons, but cheap housing is definitely not one of them. With land being one of our most scarce resources, the price of owning a home is sky high.

However, that has not stopped Singaporean couples from flocking to apply for Build-To-Order units even before they get married.

Although the new BTO flats are certainly Instagram-worthy, the smaller home space and long waiting times may just put some people off. These people opt, instead, to go for resale HDB flats, which are ready for new occupants and are fairly bigger.


While the prices of resale flats are typically higher, we’ve compiled a list of areas where the flats are the cheapest, so that you can move into your dream home ASAP, while preventing sudden fainting spells after looking at your bank statement.

(Disclaimer:All figures are arrived from Dr. Wealth’s compilation, which is based on statistics from Squarefoot.com.sg)

10. Sengkang

Tucked away in the north-eastern corner of Singapore, houses in Sengkang cost around $397 per square foot.


Although most of the homes in Sengkang are new, the estate has its roots as a fishing village, so it shows a few hints of its humble past.


Don’t worry too much about convenience though, Sengkang has its own LRT network that is connected to the MRT, to ensure that there is always a mode of transport nearby.

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