10 Most Expensive Areas To Buy An HDB Resale Flat


Splurge On An HDB Resale Flat

Many Singaporeans have expressed concern in recent years about the rising cost of living on our little red dot.

And property prices is one of the hot topics that worry locals, with many lamenting the fact that property prices are too high.

But it seems the worst is yet to come, with experts suggesting Singapore’s property prices are set to double by 2030.

If you’ve already set your heart on getting a resale flat over a Build-To-Order unit, and have the incurable urge (and wealth) to splurge on your new house, you can consider buying a resale flat at these specific areas in Singapore — here are the 10 most expensive areas to get your dose of resale flats.


(Disclaimer:All figures are arrived from Dr. Wealth’s compilation, which is based on statistics from Squarefoot.com.sg)

10. Redhill

Redhill claims the dubious honour of being the cheapest spot on the list of most expensive areas for HDB resale flats with a comparatively humble price of $625 per square foot.

Redhill will appeal to the heartlander in you, and shopping for fresh produce and groceries is a cinch thanks to the nearby Redhill Market.

Ikea Alexandra is also part of the neighbourhood, for anyone looking to spruce up their homes with chic furniture, or simply to enjoy their new and improved chicken wings.

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