10 most Expensive Universities And Colleges In The Philippines

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Mark Twain once said that “Never let schooling interfere with your education”. The truth is this very concept is now slowly fading. Schooling is now a major issue if you want to get a higher form of education.

Here in the Philippines nowadays, getting to a good school does not only require having superb grades but also having enough money to get you through the years of your learning but let us not be discouraged by these issues because apart from the expense that may cause you in entering a good university the returns of the said expense would get you not just a high quality education but the experience of getting advanced learning tools and a convenient learning environment.

Before deciding where to start your future, here is a list of the top 10 most expensive universities in our country.

MAPUA Institute of Technology (MIT) – PHP 130,00- 140,000 per year

This school is dedicated in the advancement of integrated engineering, Architecture and Information technology. I

t is now the biggest engineering school in the Philippines with 15,000 engineering students. Throughout the years, MIT had contributed to the rising of the country by producing quality engineers and other graduates.

Miriam College (MC)- PHP 120,000-160,000 per year

Miriam college or formerly known as MaryKnoll college is a catholic school and is now one of the top schools in the Philippines.

This school promotes the STEM program meaning Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Their campus is located at Katipunan Avenue, Loyala Heights, Quezon City.

The school received an award as a dark green school, promoting environmental education and by successfully upholding the 7EP(7 environmental principles).

San Beda College – PHP 146,000 – 155,000 per year

San Beda College was a former all boys school. It is run by Benedictine Monks in the Philippines. The school is now 114 years old since its establishment in the year 1901.

It was first called El Colegio de San Beda and one of the colleges founded by friars during the Spanish era. It was said that during that time,this school witnessed most of the inequality of the Spaniards towards the Filipino people.

Its notable alumni are President Benigno Aquino Jr., late senator Raul Roco, San Miguel Corporation Chairman Eduardo Cojuangco Jr.

Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU) – PHP 180,000

You must have heard of this school during the UAAP finals or maybe you have heard of its team the Blue Eagles and even jumped if one of them scored.

This University has been around since 1859 and one of the oldest universities on the Philippines.

DLSU is the oldest Jesuit institution ever built and is also private catholic school meaning it runs solely on its won with the advise of catholic priests and church members. It is also one of the top schools that offers courses on theology.

iAcademy – PHP 181,000-211,000

This academy sets its eyes on Computing (Computer Science Courses), Business and Design (Fashion, Multimedia and Animation).

Its facilities are dedicated to creation: Creating and finding new ways to improve and discover the talents of each student.

The facilities are well built and maintained and some are not available in the Philippines, this is done to provide their students a learning environment where their only problem is how to conceptualize ideas and getting those ideas into reality, is just an easy step using their advanced facilities.

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De La Salle College of Saint Benilde – PHP 180,000-240,000

This university promotes their school saying that they are not just a premiere base of education but also capable of changing people and their lives.

This school promotes the holistic growth of its students by providing them with spiritual and environmental learning activities that would help them be good stewards of God and his creations.

Their latest achievement is being a representative in 2015’s Microsoft Imagine Cup.

Center For International Education (CIE) – PHP 180,000 – 280,000

It was said before that Cebu is a sleeping tiger city in the Philippines. While metro manila reigns in the past years, Cebu city was laying low and just being casual while building bigger malls, establishments and is now the home of one of the most expensive schools in the Philippines.

It is the only school in the Philippines, which is affiliated with Cambridge University and is also a British school.

The school advertises it’s global competency that their graduates are not just good competitors in the country but also capable of competing with other nationalities abroad.

De La Salle University (DLSU) – PHP 196,000- 230,000

DLSU aims to produce not only academic excellent graduates but also God-fearing ones.

One of their main goals is to produce leaders who can serve the church and the nation. It is the first campus of the De La Salle university system, which now has 17 colleges in the country.

It is awarded by Ched as a “Center of Excellence” in six of its program and a “Center of Development” on three of its programs.

University of Asia and Pacific (UA&P) –PHP 225,000 – 300,000

This university focuses on political economy, development and internal relations. It is also a catholic school which formation of values entrusted to the Opus Dei, A prelature of the Catholic Church.

The life of the students does not end in their academics, UA&P also sets aside a time for co-curricular activities particularly those that will enhance the students’ personality and talent.

This is made possible through Kultura an arts center based on the university that is responsible for theatre arts, drama, art exhibitions and concerts.

Enderun Colleges – PHP 250,000-320,000

This school strongly believes that the way to success is not only through academics but being professional both in mind and character. They also pursue internship on all of their courses in the belief that exposing the student to the real world I s the only way to prepare them for it. Enderun also has its internship on other countries and not only in the Philippines for the students to gain more experience and of course for them to be able to learn how to enage and communicate well in different cultures.

People often say that it is never about the school that your success would not depend only on how much you paid for to achieve your education but on who you are as a person, it is true that academic credentials and agood resume would get you in a position you want or in a company you dreamed but only your personality would make you stay.

If you wont be bale to learn how to communicate and form good working realionship with other, chances are they might give you up for someone with lesse credentials but will be able to work efficiently by teaming up and doing projects with the company as one. So, before choosing the right university, think first and believe that whatever dream you have at the moment would turn into reality with the right set of mind and a positive attitude towards the future.

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