13 Local Apps That Make Your Life Easier in Singapore


What it is: Coughing up $60 seems like a rather exorbitant price for coffee, but this pass allows you to redeem one free non-alcoholic drink (worth up to $6) at each of the participating cafes over the course of a year, which can amount to pretty good savings, considering the list features more than 60 names. Caffeine joints include Cups N Canvas, SPRMRKT, The Reading Room, and Archipelago Creamery.

The app also works as a simple café guide, with eateries filtered by location, opening hours, free Wi-Fi, and alfresco seating, as well as suggested signature dishes at each place and special promos throughout the year.

Get it if: you’re that person in the group chat everyone approaches for café recommendations and reviews. (You’ve got a reputation to keep up, after all.) Coffee addicts are also welcome.

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