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Top 7 Richest Kids In The World Below 5 Years

Most of us will never make $1 million in our lifetimes. Unfortunately, that is simply the reality. However, for others, becoming a millionaire is almost instantaneous at birth. How do these kids get so lucky? Most of them are heirs/heiresses to massive fortunes or are iconic child stars. Whatever the reason for their wealth, these… Read More »

Ladies, Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should Go For Singaporean Guys Instead of Ang Mohs

With globalisation and media influences, local girls who are long used to Western cultures often like to go for Angmoh boyfriends. Increasingly, cross-border marriages are also becoming more and more common. However, many Singaporean guys may find themselves in lack of a local admirer since most local girls don’t have eyes for them. Well, sometimes… Read More »