2018 List of The Richest Women in Singapore And their Source Of Wealth

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Sabrina Tan – Queen of Beauty in Singapore($1.2 billion)

Sabrina Tan is the first out of three Richest women in Singapore being famous for the CEO and founder role of the lavish cosmetics company: SKIN Inc. The story of her business dates back in 2007 when SKIN Inc was first founded in Singapore with the desire of discovering a treatment for prone skin.

At only 34 years old and having a totally different background, Sabrina Tan turned her career from IT industry to cosmetics, a bold step which became a huge success in a few years.

The secret of her fast expanding business is represented by the unique combination of serums and hyaluronic acid which hydrates eczema skin and other affected types of skin and tissue. Using an amazing Japanese formula, SKIN products have the great advantage of healing and regenerating even the worst cases of skin problems.

Sabrina Tan has managed to create the winning formula of success : an astonishing career based on applied knowledge which generates the best results. She became a role model for many women in Singapore but also around the world who appreciate her efforts and ingenuity, important advantages to become one of the Richest women in Singapore

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