Month: August 2018

10 Celebs You Never Knew Were Filipino

We live in an amazing and multicultural world, that’s full of beautiful and talented people. Since we all are a bit obsessed with celebrities, we have a lot of favorites. We say we love this actor in this specific movie, and this actress in all of her Tv-shows, we obsess over that musicians album and […]

Top 20 Richest Female Celebrities In Philippines

The debate in the battle of superiority between men and women still continues up to this generation. Feminists strongly argue that women can also be powerful and wealthy. In this biased society, men usually get people’s recognition, but the truth is women can be just as capable as men in various fields. The internet has […]

Most Haunted Schools in Malaysia

Growing up in Malaysia, it’s not uncommon to hear ghost stories about the school you’re studying in. So it seems that, practically almost every school is supposedly haunted, especially the girls’ toilet for some reason. Maybe because we used to be young and naive? Or maybe some paranormal activities actually did happen before? Who knows? […]

Top 10 Nurseries in Singapore

There are numerous nurseries that you can find all over Singapore. But finding the right one for your kids is what matters the most. Here are our Top 10 Nurseries in Singapore that you might want to check them out the next time you want to enrol your kids. 1) School House Bythegarden Lush greenery, […]

Top Primary Schools in Singapore by Areas/Location

Location will be one of the primary consideration factor when choosing a suitable school for children. We have compiled a list of Primary Schools in Singapore based on area. ANG MO KIO REGION Anderson Primary School Ang Mo Kio Primary School CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’Primary Jing Shan Primary School Mayflower Primary School Teck Ghee Primary […]

Secondary Schools and Their Affiliated Primary Schools in Singapore

Preparing for Secondary Schools entry in Singapore? Kick start your child’s academic preparation with a solid foundation. Let MOE Tuition Agency Singapore match the best home tutor for your child. There are a total of 27 Secondary schools that are affiliated to their counterparts in Primary school. Students who are from the affiliated Primary schools […]

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