1. As a regular visitor to Singapore (maybe 3-4 times each year), I certainly know of the worst place in the country: Sim Lim Square (further reading: Whatever you do, AVOID Sim Lim Square)!

This horrible shopping mall is the site of scams galore, usually involving electronics sales and mobile phone deals. Stay well clear, as these deals are all dodgy! However, I’m not saying all tenants in Sim Lim Square are fraudulent.

The kind of scams aimed at tourists from some dealers in Sim Lim Square are more akin to what goes on in Bangkok, Jakarta, or Kuala Lumpur, not Singapore, yet the Singaporean Government have not yet done enough to combat the deceitful malpractice that continues to go on to this day. A simple Google search will tell you all you need to know about Sim Lim Square!


What is your worst place in Singapore? Any obvious choices I’ve missed?

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