6 Reasons You Don’t Need a Degree to Be Successful


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Most of us have been told since childhood that education is the most important asset to have in order to make it in life and become successful. Well that’s a half truth and a half myth. But do you also know that approximately over 30% off billionaires don’t have a university degree, among who are Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey?

Living large isn’t only a luxury of the privileged ones who have a university degree. Anyone can be successful sans the university degree from any local university or overseas . Save that tens of thousands of your tuition for other reasons like an investment or capital for a startup. There’s just so many reasons not to pursue your degree. And here’s why!

Need degree to succeed?

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1. Landing yourself experience is key

Experience is more important than anything. And knowledge and experience are a killer combo. Through experience, you can gradually gain the necessary knowledge, but through studying you’re don’t really gain the first-hand experience.


If you’re just fresh out of university and reading this, you’ve probably been experienced a turned down job application (or a few) simply because they are looking for someone with experience. Which is illogical since you spent most of your youth studying so you can work in a specific field.

However, if you already have experience in a particular field, and you’re very good at what you do, nothing can stop you, because you’re already one step ahead of everyone else who’s just got the book smarts.

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