6 Singaporean Same-S3x Couples Share The Heartwarming Stories Of How They First Met

Dear People,

It doesn’t matter if you’re straight or gay, finding ‘The One’ is a universal struggle.

But when you’re a s3xual minority and your dating pool is primarily comprised of headless torsos and creepy profiles, the prospect of finding love can seem pretty bleak. But don’t give up on Cupid  just yet.

The following heartwarming stories of how 6 same-s3x couples first met one another will not only restore your faith in Cupid’s aim, it’ll make you all warm and fuzzy on the inside too.

1. Bhas and Samuel

Bhas and Samuel

Bhas: Our story starts off in one of the most conventional ways of how gay people meet; through an online dating app.

The medium was typical but the conversations were not. Naturally, we had physical attraction to each other, albeit just through photos. The key was mainly to keep it less s3xual, and more of knowing the other person’s personality and mind, though we admit some occasional flirtatious teasing did jazz up the interest level. We texted about everything under the sun, and moon, on our likes and dislikes, aspirations and goals, and one vivid topic was “How do you define success?”. The thought provoking questions made us search deep inside and we welded a bond that felt as old as time itself, despite being newfounds. We had a theme song for that, and it was called “A Thousand Years”.

And we have since kept the conversations going, about everything in this journey called Life

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