6 Singaporean Same-S3x Couples Share The Heartwarming Stories Of How They First Met


4. Peggy and Aileen

Peggy and Aileen

Peggy: I was her senior in junior college. We only knew each other by face then, Hi Bye Friends, we kept in touch via Facebook.

We often run into each other after graduation; every time when we bumped into each other, we would drop a message on Facebook with a casual remark like “Hey! Good to see you today!” kind of thing

We hit it off really well after being “virtual friends” for a good 5 – 6 years. It was very easy for us to talk about anything in the world and gradually, we met up more often for drinks and dinners because she is often near my work place in her previous job. I couldn’t really remember who declared her love first (haha!) but it really came quite naturally.


She made me feel love like I have never felt before and I can be myself when I’m with her. She brings out the best in me, making me believe that I am capable of bigger, better things.

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