6 Singaporean Same-S3x Couples Share The Heartwarming Stories Of How They First Met


6. David and Huey

David and Huey

David: It is actually quite a funny story.

Our love story began as a hook-up … or what was supposed to be a hook-up! Huey and his friend were going to visit Montreal (where I was living at the time) and his friend suggested he should go on Jack’d (a gay dating app) to find a guy that would let them crash at his place. That’s how we first started talking to each other.

However, the trip didn’t end up happening but we discovered that we had a lot in common so the two of us exchanged phone numbers and began texting each other everyday. We grew so fond of each other and so two months later, we decided to meet in person. Huey took the train (from Toronto) to come meet me in Montreal.


I remember how fast my heart was beating while waiting for his arrival. It was a little awkward at first having to transfer our conversation from texting to in person, but shortly after, it was almost as if like we’ve been together for a long time.

That night, we had our first date at a Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant where we discovered our love for food (yes we know people eat to live, but we live to eat!)


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