Amazing Celebrities Who Have Left Mediacorp: Collapse of Local Media Industry?


7. Tay Ping Hui (1998 – 2018)

Tay Ping Hui acting in C.L.I.F.

The latest celebrity to announce departure from Mediacorp, Tay has signed a contract with a Chinese entertainment company.

Tay already has international experience from his work in 2007 on The Legend and the Hero where he acted alongside Fan Bing Bing.

This list is just a small collection of all the celebrities to have left Mediacorp. Many other celebrities have also left citing reasons such as furthering career abroad or family reason. Celebrity couple Kate Pang and Andie Chen left the agency to start their own family.


However, it does not seem like Mediacorp will fall anytime soon. Newcomers into the industry are biding their time to pounce on any given opportunity. Mediacorp’s drama series, While We Are Young, simply showcases the abundance of talent they possess.

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