Best Companies to Work For in Singapore 2018 (Tips on How to identify a Good Workplace)


Top Companies To Work For In Singapore

The most sought after places of work are known to exhibit traits for fostering excellence and productivity, in addition to bumper pay perks that people yearn for. The best workplaces in Singapore don’t leave culture to chance in a bid to make employees feel at home, as they go about their daily chores

Companies with the best workplaces in Singapore achieve their goals in ethical and honest ways while going overboard to improve the planet and humanity. Cases of bullying sexual harassment and intimidation are unheard off in these workplaces, seen as one of the reasons why most people cherish to be part of their network.

Such companies also operate in a way that staffers always look forward to coming back to work on feeling appreciated in addition to being rewarded for their services. Most companies are increasingly trying to build great workplace in a bid to get employees to give 200% in whatever they do.

Studies have shown that the rising millennial generation is not the type to be sitting in offices and doing normal routines. Being part of a broader network focused on driving change is the goal of most people joining the workforce in Singapore.

Trust is another issue that the new generation of workers cherish the most in places of work. It is no secret that employees want to be certain and assured that they can trust the people they are working with

“We realized trust was very important – they want to be trusted and respected. The hotel industry is very competitive, so it is very important to us to keep our people – to create the environment where our people are happy, and we become a first choice employer,” said Patrick Fiat, General Manager of Royal Manager on Scotts.

While most companies tout their places of work during the interview process, most of them fall short to the surprise of new employees who expected better. Dissension, poor communications and general dysfunction are some of the issues that employees have had to contend with in workplaces.

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