Best Companies to Work For in Singapore 2018 (Tips on How to identify a Good Workplace)


Companies with the Best Workspaces in Singapore

Companies in Singapore have gone overboard to provide one of a kind workstations, in addition to providing competitive salaries to offering, in a bid to get the best out of their staff. Offices being given an upgrade to fit a particular culture or area of specialization is not something new in the country.

Stunning office layouts to desk-less workspaces are some of the latest designs that big corporations are incorporating to make workplaces interesting in a bid to get staffers motivated from the time they report to work to when they leave.


Google is living to its credentials as it continues to go the extra mile in everything it does. In addition to providing one of a kind services to customers, the company also accords its staffers friendly environment to operate from.

The tech giant sure knows how to capture the attention and imagination of its staffers given the lobby decorations that make up the first impression into its headquarters. Right, from the entrance, you are sure to be greeted by the company’s symbols which are complimented with decorations that fit every month theme.


Google staffers in Singapore can choose how they wish their workspaces to appear depending on their needs and requirements. Departments are also allowed to select hot desk or a fixed desk format. A micro kitchen is also in a place where anyone can walk in prepare whatever they wish.

Google’s Singapore offices also come with two resident coffee bars, serving some of the finest and freshest brewed coffee for caffeine deprived staffers. When it comes to meals, buffet is open to all employees free of charge.

The tech giant headquarters also house massage rooms where one can go to relax muscles, after a long day at work. Nail parlors are also on offer.

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