Best Companies to Work For in Singapore 2018 (Tips on How to identify a Good Workplace)


DBS Group

DBs Group provides its staffers lively and fast-paced environment for working unlike the traditional dull and laugh-less prisons known to trigger boredom. Despite being a giant financial institution, the bank’s workplace epitomizes the start-up culture, right from open room spaces to a multi-colored frenzy. The roundtable office setting allows employees to enjoy one or two brainstorming sessions, during the day.

Inverted gardens on the walls and ceiling, take the workplace atmosphere and outlook to another level, providing the impression that things are never that serious. Interns are allowed to interact with the top management, to brainstorm on new ideas.


A Starbucks Coffee store is also on standby, whereby employees can grab a cuppa, all at a discount before settling down to serious work.

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