Best Companies to Work For in Singapore 2018 (Tips on How to identify a Good Workplace)


Changi Airport Group

The scenery does not get any better once you walk into Changi Airport Group. Right from the entrance, one is sure to take notice of the spectacular interior design sure to capture any imagination. A right mixture of color on the walls and ceiling coupled with spacious lobby are some of the things that welcomes staffers.

Potted plant and vertical gardens all but create a soothing environment and fresh air that one needs for a refreshing day. Café and pantries with dramatic skylight and natural lighting are also on standby where one can go and take a meal or drink and still be able to work from.


Openness is the order of the day in Changi Airport Group, whereby workstations are divided visually, to allow for easy interaction. In addition, the company allows staffers to make slight adjustments to their workplace by adding such things as bean bags. Workstations can also be transformed into mini amphitheater.

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