Best Companies to Work For in Singapore 2018 (Tips on How to identify a Good Workplace)


Traits of a Good Workplace

Individuality vs. Teamwork

A good company to work for stresses the need for teamwork while at the same time encouraging individual achievement and creativity. Great companies blend individual talents of their staff into a team concept.

Nurturing Creativity

For a workplace to be considered great, it must at all times be open to new ideas and encourage creativity. Employees will always look forward to coming back to work, as long as they feel empowered to come up with ideas that can improve the future of a company.


Great workplaces are known to have a clear and specific purpose for existing. In this case, the mission of the company is clearly spelt out to employees, managers and customers. A well-articulated mission makes it easy for individuals to know and perform their specific roles and responsibilities.



Leaders play an enormous role in influencing how employees handle their task. Great companies are known to encourage leadership among the workers, as all staff members are invited to guide and mentor co-workers.


An enjoyable workplace is where all employees are treated with farness, in that rules are enforced equally without prejudice. Fairness in place of work also makes it easy for hard work to be recognized and rewarded accordingly. Such companies also have clear paths of communication where concerns and grievances are addressed accordingly.

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