Top 10 Best International Schools in Malaysia in terms of Academic Performance

Since the government’s increased efforts to encourage international education for Malaysians, the growth in the number of international schools in the country has been quite phenomenal.

Some are better known for heritage whilst others are better known for passing rates and quality of education. More and more Malaysian parents are sending their children to international schools and the reason could be that they believe these schools will provide a better quality of education for their children in many ways.

Here, Top 10 of Malaysia takes a look at its list of the top ten international schools in the country that are well established and are catering to the well-heeled, of course.

1. Tenby Schools

A group of international and private schools that first started in Ipoh, Perak in 1960, Tenby Schools are now found in five states, with another school set to open in 2018.

Their vision, “A United World at Peace – Through Education” is dedicated to educating students from diverse nationalities in becoming global citizens. Tenby Schools currently offers the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), National Curriculum of England (IGCSE and A Level) and Malaysian National Curriculum to over 5,000 students.

Additionally, CEO of Tenby Schools Malaysia, Mark Parkinson has extensive experience as an educator, in setting up schools and introducing innovative best practices in established schools.
Roger Schultz, Head of School at Alice Smith School

2. Alice Smith School

Introduced in 1946, Alice Smith School offers a British education and is accredited as a British School Overseas by the Department for Education in London.

It caters to pre-schoolers right up to Year 13 students and is first in Malaysia to be accepted by the Independent Association of Preparatory Schools (IAPS). Offering GCSEs and A Levels to 1,600 students from nearly 50 nations, its heritage and web of global alumni are accredited to its membership in FOBISIA (Federation of British International Schools in Asia) and COBIS (Council of British International Schools), amongst others and its Head of School, Roger Schultz, has a teaching experience that spans over 30 years.
Stewart Fry, British Schools Foundation (BSF) Chairman

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  1. Top 10 Best International Schools in Malaysia in terms of Academic Performance

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