10 Best-Paying Jobs In Philippines, Apart From Businessman Or Politician

Everyone wants a job that gives a good salary.

For fresh grads, choosing what kind of job is already difficult before you even consider the chances of getting it, given the numerous applicants who are also rooting for a satisfying job.

But what are the highest-paying jobs our applicants should definitely try? The leading online job-searching company JobStreet released its 2018 Salary Report showing the jobs list that offers a surprising salary.

You should really check out this:

10. Law/ Legal Services – Php 61,310

Pursued Law and other Law courses? For aspiring Attorneys, you’re 8-year study isn’t a waste. You can apply as a legal assistant, paralegal, contract management administrator or as a junior lawyer.

For fresh grads, a starting salary of Php 20,000 isn’t that bad. Enough experience will bring you to bigger opportunities, even reaching that Php 61,310 salary every month, or establishing your own law firm! Who knows, you may even handle big time clients someday.

9. Finance-Related – Php 62,673

Financial Analyst, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Loan officers, and Bank tellers are just examples of finance-related jobs that you can find in the Philippines.

These jobs require knowledge on accountancy, mathematics and planning so one can properly handle accounts and payments. If you have the credentials and skills, go for it!

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