Top 10 Best Value Colleges and Universities in Puerto Rico 2019


In this ranking, we examine top value universities and colleges in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico isn’t officially a U.S. state (officially, it’s an “unincorporated U.S. territory”), but it has close ties to the mainland and is home to a number of American citizens. More than three million people live on the island, which boasts an eclectic mix of cultures, ethnicities, and languages (English and Spanish being the most popular).

Although Puerto Rico is probably best known for its tropical weather and popularity as a tourist destination, it’s also a great destination for college students. The cost of living is low while the quality of life is high – who wouldn’t be happy living in a tropical paradise? Universities on the island are numerous and include a multiplicity of public colleges, religious schools, and specialized private universities.

Tuition at almost all Puerto Rican schools is enviously affordable, and many of their academic and extracurricular resources are competitive with those on the U.S. mainland. The 20 universities listed below are particularly exemplary in this regard – the descriptions say it all!*


Read more about the methodology we used for this article here. (Please note that does not offer information on Puerto Rican universities so that category was omitted from this particular article).

*While we typically use the schools’ websites as our primary source for information, most of these schools’ websites were only available in Spanish. As such, we used a combination of our own translations, web-assisted translations, and Wikipedia articles to corroborate the details we present below.


10. Inter American University of Puerto Rico-Metro

Cupey, PR


The Metro campus of the Inter American University of Puerto Rico features an active student body and fast-paced environment that is reminiscent of many of the most popular urban universities in the United States.

Cafes, libraries, beautiful gardens, computer labs, and fitness centers adorn a modern campus that is replete with high-tech facilities.

Students who aren’t satisfied with the limitations of this spacious campus can venture out to the many popular hang out spots in Cupey, which include great dining and entertainment options that won’t break the bank.

And when you consider the wealth of events and activities that the school sponsors each year, including the “Sport Zone” and “Inter Metro Tiger Dance,” (plus the school’s extremely selective 22% acceptance rate) it’s easy to see how this university is one of the best, most affordable universities in Puerto Rico.

Net Price: $8,102
Score: 110.63

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