CAO Application Status: How to Check your Application


Haven’t received a response for your CAO application for admission? Don’t fret – simply check the status of your application.

Then you apply to study at CAO, you can usually expect a response a few days after the application closing date. However, if you still haven’t heard back from the CAO it might be time to take things into your own hands. It’s not a difficult process, but to make things even easier, we’ve provided you with the below link which you can click to access.

Track your registration status

This post will help you to check if your admission application has been accepted if you are offered provisional admission to become an official student of the CAO.


The CAO Application Status Portal is a devoted webpage for the prospective student that submitted an application to track and access the admission application status online.

Step 1:

  • To check CAO application status got to

Step 2:

Enter CAO Number / ID Number  / Passport Number and then click Submit button

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  1. Dear All,

    Kindly assist with my CAO table form.. I just wanna see if some institutions responded

  2. I would like to continue with my application but I’m stuck with with previous surname can you please help me to complete my application

  3. I would like to continue with my application but I’m stuck on code course and program name please help me before it too late

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