5 Reasons Why Chinese Tourists Are So Rude

Article Source: Many people around the world have a bad impression of Chinese tourists due to the way they behave when visiting foreign countries. In the past few years, these tourists have really earned a really bad reputation worldwide. You can read these articles from South China Morning Post, The Economist and the Huffington […]

10 Most Affordable Areas To Buy An HDB Resale Flat

HDB Resale Units Can Be Affordable, Too Singapore is respected worldwide for plenty of reasons, but cheap housing is definitely not one of them. With land being one of our most scarce resources, the price of owning a home is sky high. However, that has not stopped Singaporean couples from flocking to apply for Build-To-Order […]

10 Most Expensive Areas To Buy An HDB Resale Flat

Splurge On An HDB Resale Flat Many Singaporeans have expressed concern in recent years about the rising cost of living on our little red dot. And property prices is one of the hot topics that worry locals, with many lamenting the fact that property prices are too high. But it seems the worst is yet […]

8 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms In Singapore Up To $17,000 For A Single Night

Splash Out On A Singapore Staycation Thanks to its location as an air transit hub and its hosting of events of global interest like the F1 and International Champions Cup, Singapore is thronged with tourists all over the world. And that’s why we have a truckload of hotel rooms here. In fact, we had 63,850 […]

What are the Costs of Owning a Car in Singapore?

Car in Singapore

Owning a car is a luxury in the small island-city that is Singapore. It is beyond the affordability of many because of its steep costs. It is a status symbol and if any one of your friends drive a car, you automatically assume they make a lot of money. Which is no fault of yours. […]