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Most Haunted Schools in Malaysia

Growing up in Malaysia, it’s not uncommon to hear ghost stories about the school you’re studying in. So it seems that, practically almost every school is supposedly haunted, especially the girls’ toilet for some reason. Maybe because we used to be young and naive? Or maybe some paranormal activities actually did happen before? Who knows?… Read More »

Top 10 International Schools in Malaysia 2018

Since the government’s increased efforts to encourage international education for Malaysians, the growth in the number of international schools in the country has been quite phenomenal. Some are better known for heritage whilst others are better known for passing rates and quality of education. More and more Malaysian parents are sending their children to international… Read More »

Here’re Malaysia’s Richest Men In 2018 And How They Got There

We complain about our dropping Ringgit here a lot in Malaysia, but recent reports have revealed that the Ringgit is easily considered Asia’s strongest currency. Consider that statement with a grain of salt, however, as Bloomberg’s report was based on how much the Ringgit has climbed recently, compared to the USD. Once you drop low… Read More »

Top 10 Richest Kids from Malaysia

Thanks to social media, the we are now able to get a glimpse of how the upper class live. In this post, you’ll find ten very wealthy “kids” who have been rich for a long time (probably before you were even approved for your credit card. Seriously, some of them are literally working their asses off… Read More »

6 Reasons You Don’t Need a Degree to Be Successful

Credit: Most of us have been told since childhood that education is the most important asset to have in order to make it in life and become successful. Well that’s a half truth and a half myth. But do you also know that approximately over 30% off billionaires don’t have a university degree, among… Read More »