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Celebrities You May Not Know Have Degrees

Here is a list of Singapore Celebrities with University Degrees & Diplomas! Whether you’re famous and bigger than the entertainment industry, it never hurts to have a backup plan. We often wonder how the rich and famous got to be where they are today. A university qualification comes in handy in every day life and… Read More »

10 Mind-Blowing Singapore Facts You Never Knew

Located at the end of Malayan Peninsula between Indonesia and Malaysia, Singapore is an island City-State in Southeast Asia. Spreading across a land area of more than 714 square kilometers, Singapore is a beautiful and one of the most developed countries in Southeast Asia. Singapore has four official languages- English, Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil. Here… Read More »

15 Singaporeans Share Their Greatest Fear

Growing up, us millennials have been labelled many things, reckless, fortunate, social media slaves and even avocado toast connoisseur, but I draw the line at phrases such as nonchalant, carefree and entitled. From worrying about the ever-rising cost of living to striving for a more #woke and inclusive society, we have a lot more on… Read More »