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10 Best-Paying Jobs In Singapore In 2018, Apart From Businessman Or Politician

10 Singapore Jobs That Pay More Than Well For some, their job is their passion — they do what they do because they love it, and follow their heart, not the money. But for many others, their job is just a way for them to be able to afford that yearly vacation to Bali or […]


8 Things Our Politicians Said In 2017 That Made Us Say “What?”

Article Source: As a modern Malaysian that is in tune with politics, once in a while, politicians occasionally say something that makes you go “…what?” We live in a society post #metoo, that is becoming more and more aware that certain things should not be said or that certain gender stereotypes need to stop […]

Top 5 Young Millionaires Who Are Under 30 years in Singapore

Singaporeans are well schooled and well traveled. Many of the young of today, travel far and wide to countries like the UK and North America to pursue and further their studies. With such exposure to international cultures, the constant competition between peers and the incentives dangled by the Singapore government to encourage and develop more […]

8 Best Fish Soups In S’pore That Will Have You Savouring Every Last Drop

Article Everybody has their own go-to comfort food. But when it’s raining outside, there’s probably one dish that’s on everyone’s minds. Sliced Fish Soup. This delightful warm bowl of clear umami broth paired with chunky slices of fresh fish and vegetables, is the ultimate comfort food for rainy days. To save you the trouble of […]

12 Singapore Celebrity Couples Who Found Love At Work

Who’s dating who? From TV darlings to radio personalities and homegrown It is surprising how many people have found love at work. Perhaps seeing each other for hours every day, dealing with common challenges, and sharing highs and lows, are often instrumental in bringing two hearts together. Take a look at 12 Singapore celebrities who […]

Uniquely Singapore – 10 Things You Can Find Only In Singapore

Credit: Singapore is a unique city that has influences from both the East and West. To foreigners, we speak in a hybrid of different languages that sounds like an entire language of its own and we have a distinct culture that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world. Sometimes, we have habits and […]

8 Jobs in Singapore That Pay More Than Yours

Credit: It was a usual dinner with my friends when the tiresome topic of occupations came up. Instead of divulging salaries and complaining about bosses, I was surprised to find the conversation centralized around the weirdest job positions they ever held. Get ready to go, “huh?” How legit is this? The user was subsequently suspended […]

13 Strange Things That are illegal in Singapore

Knowing the local laws of a country can save you from getting fined or arrested. Sometimes laws and rules in foreign countries can be surprising to tourists.Some foreign laws are just plain odd. But some could land you in a police cell.If you’re travelling to Singapore, beware. The country has very strict laws around everyday […]

Top 10 Richest And Successful Kids in Singapore

Born with a silver spoon in their mouths. And one day, the silver will turn into gold when these scions succeed the throne and inherit a billionaire’s empire. Contrary to Hollywood’s portrayal of heirs and heiresses, these successors aren’t loafers but have instead made their mark in society as accomplished individuals. They may live a […]

Singapore’s Richest Politicians, their Net-Worth is Amazing

Politicians wield not only power, they also gain access to financial wealth. We look at Singapore’s political rich-list. 10. George Yeo George Yeo is a politician from Singapore and  currently Chancellor of the Nalanda University and the also the member of the Governing Board of Nalanda University. Also member of the PAP who served as […]

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