Celebrities Who Look Way Younger Than Their Age

Everyone wants to know the secret to youthfulness, and we’ve found 12 celebrities who may have found it. These 12 celebrities in our list some of them celebrities that you may recognise seem to have somehow managed to freeze time on their faces for the past decade or more.

While some not have publicly shared their skincare regime, but for those who have, we’ve trawled through their various interviews to bring you their top tips on looking younger even as you age.

(Psst, we’ve also tried our best to find more recent photos of these celebrities, and with as little makeup on or Photoshop done as possible)

1. Chuando Tan

Age: 51 years old

Chuando Tan is undoubtedly the man of the moment. The Singaporean photographer who is a former model had already created waves for his lean physique in the early 1990s, but he has recently leaped back into the spotlight for not looking a day above 30 despite his age!

Chuando has said that he keeps his skincare routine at the bare minimum, because his skin is sensitive. He adheres to the “you are what you eat” philosophy, in that “your body looks is 70 per cent due to the food you consume and 30 per cent about exercise”.

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