Cape Peninsula University of Technology(CPUT) Application Guidelines 2020

CPUT Application Guidelines 2020

Every prospective student shall apply for admission to a programme offered by the university on the prescribed application form or online where applicable. the application must be completed in detail and signed by the prospective student and his/ her parent or guardian if s/he is a minor.

The application must be submitted to the Registrar by the date stipulated in 2.4 below, together with the proof of payment of the application fee, if the application is manual. online application, where applicable, does not generate an application fee.

Applicants are allowed a maximum choice of three programmes to apply for.

Any person applying for admission as a student at CPUT for the first time shall together with his/her application form submit his/ her grade 12 certificate or equivalent, grade 11 final results, if transferring from another higher-education institution a certificate of conduct and academic record, identity document or unabridged birth certificate with id or passport number and in the instance of international students a valid study permit.

Application Closing Dates

Closing Dates The closing date for applications for admission is 30 September, except where otherwise stated. no late applications from international students will be accepted except where otherwise stated. Applications for international students close on 31 August. these international applications must include the SAQA evaluation certificates.

A late application fee shall be payable for applications received after 30 September.

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  1. My name is Uaarukapo Tjitunga, student No: 202057194. Registered for a masters in hospitality & tourism management. I would like to know the closing date for 2020 registeation if i am continuing. And how much is the registeration fee?
    Thank you

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