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SAPS application forms for training

Anyone applying for a career with SAPS will have to undergo intense training. Every year SAPS offers learnerships within each province of South Africa. Most learnership programs are for a duration of 24 months.

Candidates must apply for SAPS training in the province where they reside. Therefore, SAPS application forms for trainees must be obtained from and submitted (in person) to the SAPS department offices within the region/province in which you live.

The closing date for training applications may differ depending on the different departments of SAPS. Candidates are advised to check the closing date for applications with their local police office.

Download SAPS Application Form

7 thoughts on “Download SAPS Application Forms”

  1. It has always been my dream to become a police so i really need to join next year’s Police academy and train to be a good police

  2. This year it my last year of getting an opportunity to become the police it has always been my dream plz help as I’ve been trying but no luck today I was actually called to come write a test but since I didn’t not have any drivers license the told me to pay 3000 in order to get through idid not have the money and I guess the opportunity pass me buy and it so sad that we have to go through all this

  3. It is my 1 of my dreams to become a police lady i pray and wish i can be shortlisted one day i didnt fill the form because my certificate was at my mother so i got it late

  4. Police officer is my dream work i really want to start my training next year by January 2020 i wish I can get help somehow

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