8 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms In Singapore Up To $17,000 For A Single Night

7. Shangri-La Suite — Shangri-La Hotel ($8,600/night)

The Shangri-La Suite is located on the 17th floor of the Shangri-La Hotel’s Valley Wing, which is dedicated to the hotel’s most luxurious abodes and surrounded by lush tropical greenery that promises privacy, peace and quiet.

It’s also where luminaries like former US president Barack Obama stayed when in Singapore.

Don’t want to mix with plebians? The Shangri-La Suite is served by a private entrance and elevator, so you can get to the 348 sq m room immediately without the hassle of waiting for strangers.

The 2-bedroom suite also has a butler service for those who just too lazy to even leave the room — with such luxury, we understand why you wouldn’t.

Its huge bathroom is bigger than a hotel room at a boutique hotel, and even has a shower with a view:

The personalised bathrobes and pillowcases will ensure a good night rest on its expensive sheets.

And there’s even a private workout area so strangers won’t see your unglam sweaty look at a public gym.

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