8 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms In Singapore Up To $17,000 For A Single Night

5. Colonial Manor — Capella Hotel ($10,000/night)

If you don’t think a holiday is really a holiday until you go “overseas”, head to Sentosa for a staycation in a hotel with a 30-acre compound that brings back memories of Singapore’s colonial past — the Capella Hotel.

The best room in the hotel isn’t even a room — it’s a manor, and it’s huge. The colossal 436 sq m Colonial Manor will make you feel like a high-ranking British officer in 1900.

Just for a sense of perspective, a standard 4-room HDB flat is 969 sq ft, or 90 sq m — about one-fifth the size of one of Capella Hotel’s 2 Colonial Manors.

Just take a look at the outside — doesn’t it look like a more posh version of 38 Oxley Road?

It even has a private pool.

There are airy-looking floor-length glass windows to give the make the spacious rooms look bigger still — but of course, the interiors are fully air-conditioned.

And check out the long, long couch in the family room that will be able to fit your brood:

The 3 bedrooms look stately and are the perfect throwback to English design with oriental elements.

And the bathrooms are simple and elegant:

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