8 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms In Singapore Up To $17,000 For A Single Night


1. Chairman Suite — Marina Bay Sands ($17,000/night)

The Marina Bay Sands needs no introduction. Since it was built in 2010, it has become an icon of Singapore, with tourists coming from far and wide to take Instagram-worthy photos of it.

And as befits arguably the most famous hotel in Singapore, its Chairman Suite is also the most expensive — it costs a cool $17,000 per night.

To put that into perspective, the 2016 median gross monthly income in Singapore was $4,056, meaning booking the suite for one night costs more than 4 times an average Singaporeans’ salary.

And from the photos of the suite, it may be worth every penny. That’s a grand piano in its living room for occupants to tinkle the ivories in the free time, or perhaps hire Richard Clayderman to play them for you?

We’re not sure why the suite is named the Chairman Suite — judging from its slightly chinois decor, would it be referring to Chairman Mao?



And its bathroom-with-a-view looks big enough for the whole floor to use:

And of course, not to mention the spectacular view of Singapore that plebians have to pay for when they visit the Skypark.

Take note though — when you’re a guest at MBS you have to leave your room punctually at check-out time and you may have trouble using the famous infinity pool after that, as one guest found out during her stay.

Brag About It

If you’re lucky enough to spend even one night at the abovementioned suites, you may be one of the rich kids.

So spread the love around — invite as many friends and relatives as you can to enjoy the experience.

You’ll enjoy love from them as only money can buy, and gain bragging rights too.

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