10 Facts About Future Deputy PM Chan Chun Sing


3. Taught to be content

On talk show Hear Me Out 2, Mr Chan talked about how he never had many of things his friends had.

Among them was a trendy backpack which his family could not afford. Instead, he carried one of those free bag packs from a travel agency.

Possibly what he carried when he was younger


His grandmother would then tell him to think of it as being unique. She also taught him how to be content with what they had rather than always lamenting what they did not.

4.  Worked odd-jobs as a kid

Mr Chan also revealed that he used to work 3 part-time jobs when he was younger — manufacturing caps for bottles, tutoring younger students and working as a scout.

This was to alleviate his mother’s financial burden. Her pay from working as a machine operator was a measly $500 — which converts to a little over $1,000 today.

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