10 Facts About Future Deputy PM Chan Chun Sing


9. Had a first date at a MINDEF canteen

Some people spend days thinking about where to take their first date. Not Mr Chan. He had his first date with his wife at a MINDEF canteen, where they each had a plate of ‘cai png’, or economy rice.

Not the most romantic setting

Mr Chan would years later make up for this lack of romance with a proposal at a park in Mar ina Bay.


10. Schoolmates with other ministers


During his time in Raffles Institution, he was schoolmates with ministers Tan Chuan-Jin and Ong Ye Kung.

Mr Chan admitted that Mr Tan and Mr Ong were much smarter than him, and that they often required only “30 percent of their effort” to score well in tests.

A humble man with a mission

From growing up with only 1 parent and in a 3-room HDB flat, Mr Chan has come a long way.

He worked hard, rose through the ranks of the army, assumed various ministerial roles, and has emerged as the likeliest candidate for Deputy Prime Minister.

And all through his rise to power, he has managed to remain humble and focused on his mission to do good for fellow Singaporeans.

With Mr Chan at the helm of our country’s leadership, we can be sure that we’re in good hands. If you agree, ‘kee chiu’ in the comments.

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