Top 10 Famous People You Probably Didn’t Know Were Puerto Rican

It is currently National Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15th-Oct.15th), a time to recognize the great contributions that have been made by the Latin community. I myself am Hispanic, where my ethnic background consists of being Puerto Rican and Mexican.

Being able to embrace and share my culture with others has always made me proud of who I am and the identity that I present to the rest of the world. While a majority of Americans are familiar with the extremely large Hispanic population in the United States, not very many people know about the Puerto Rican population that have such a big representation, especially when it comes to music and entertainment.

1. Jennifer Lopez (a.k.a JLo)

Born in The Bronx, New York, this actress, dancer, and singer was born to full Puerto Rican parents. Mostly known for her musical career and dancing, JLo has become one of the best entertainers in the music industry.

2. Lin Manuel-Miranda

Also known as the creator of the hit Broadway musical ‘Hamilton.’ Miranda was born to Puerto Rican parents and grew up in the Latino neighborhood of Inwood in Manhattan, New York.

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