GDE Admissions 2020: Step-by-step guide to apply online

Applying to Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) Admissions Online Application for Grade 1 and Grade 8 in Gauteng Public Schools can be daunting, but taking a step by step approach will allow you to succeed.

The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) has now opened the 2020 online application system for Grade 1 and Grade 8 learners on Monday, 20 May 2019 and here are the step-by-step guide to apply online for GDE Admissions 2020:


1. To apply parents need to access the web address: to be on the “Welcome to Admissions Online Application for 2020” page. Parents are required to read the information on the Welcome Page and click on Apply for 2020 to access Terms and Conditions. Parent clicks continue after reading the Terms and Conditions to proceed with the application
To proceed with the application, click on Apply for 2020.

2. A first-time user (parent) will be required to click “Apply for 2020” button to enter parent information before making an application (ALL users must create new credentials)

3. The “Enter Parent Information” form will pop-up and parent should complete all compulsory fields indicated by a star (an asterix). The address fields contain Municipality; City/Town; Suburb/Township; street name and number. The parent’s cell phone number is compulsory as this number will be used by the Department to communicate with the parents regarding the application. The Landline and Email fields are not compulsory.

3. ID numbers are validated with the Department of Home Affairs, therefore after entering a valid South African ID number, the system will automatically populate the names associated with the ID number. Parents are therefore reminded to keep the parent’s ID and learner ID at hand when making an application.

5. A Username and Password will be created by the parent to login and access the main application as a User. The Password must be eight (8) characters long consisting of a Capital Letter, Small Letters, Numbers and a Special Character, for example, P@ss2019.

6. A SMS is sent to the parent, providing his/her login username and password. Please
keep this information for queries relating to your application

7. After submitting STEP 1, the application will automatically proceed to STEP 2 (ENTER LEARNER DETAILS) and the colour of STEP 1 will change to GREEN

Step 2 on the next page

54 thoughts on “GDE Admissions 2020: Step-by-step guide to apply online”

  1. Im still waiting for my child to be placed and this is making me worried as I have applied on the first day of application,but till today dololo answer

  2. I am still waiting for my child to be placed. The status is saying applications have been reviewed. What does it mean?. I am woried and I don’t know what to do becausr today is the 30th October

  3. I am still waiting for my child to be placed. The status is saying applications have been reviewed. I have done the application on the first day but those who went after me their kids have already been placed.

  4. I am still waiting for my children to be placed? The status is saying application have been reviewed.what does it mean I am worried and I don’t know what to do because today is 30th October 2019

  5. Pls help with registration for next year my child has applied for grade 1…i lost my username. How do I know he has been admitted. Thank you

  6. This online thing is not working please we need clarity now. We don’t get clear info wat is happening people who registered after me received SMS even worse my daughter already in grade R same school we applied for

  7. I did apply for my Child I didn’t get a Sms I don’t know what to do because today its last day please help.
    And I Forget my password I did have user name.

  8. I was only given one choice of school which is hoerskool Roodeport i was happy because its the only school closer to me but even today my child is not placed. My blood pressure now is up i can’t think straight

  9. Today is the last day and I haven’t heard anything about my son’s placement. I’m already treated for depression, please don’t add stress on me. Please give us school for next year so we can start preparing.

  10. I’m still waiting for placement of my son for grade eight, I have applied to three schools.i have submitted the necessary documents to those schools in time, but I have not received feedback and today is last day. I’m worried that my child will not have school for 2020.

  11. Im still waiting for placement and i did not receive ans sms please advise what to do next im worried we wont get space.

  12. I Have applied for twins but only one is taken on both schools applied at but the other the one is saying the application has been reviewed and am so worried cause it’s the last day what do I do please help

  13. Yes im also waiting. Applied 5 schools no feedback and the schools closest to me website says they 15km the ones thats really far they say 6km. So what to do now

  14. Am still waiting for my child to be placed
    And it’s already the first day of November I have not received the respond from the department
    What’s now

  15. I am so warried because now i have not received any response regarding my child school. All 3 of them. How I wish someone would tell us something because this is too much to think that my child will not get the space at the schools I requested

  16. I’m still waiting for replacement for grade 8 and today is the 1st of November, this is disturbing especially if you dont know where your child will attend school next year , please department tell us something I’m really restless

  17. I’m lindiwe Mazibuko I’m waiting a replacement of my daughter for grade 8 next year I’m applying early but still no feedback today is1 November

  18. Please repply me as I’m still waiting an sms I’m daughter is doing well I don’t want to disappointed my daughter tell me what’s happen just to know because I want to prepare school uniform early I apply early but no sms or what’s upp

  19. Still waiting for the sms to accept the application, bt nothing. Went to the district office they sqy I must wait until Monday. I am worried.

  20. I have not yet received the sms for my son who will be in grade 8 next year when are we getting the SMS’s

  21. M still waiting for my son to be placed,how long will they finish to review the application cause it says its being reviewed, this online thing is failing us

  22. Can someone who was at Odi today help me know what was the final word because I had to rush to work after that chaos that was happening there. Please parents.

  23. This online application thing is failing us. I applied for my son and when I check my status it says view. I even called department of education and they said my son was admitted to the schools I applied at. I went to the those schools and they said they still waiting for the list from the department.

  24. This online make me sick; since we are waiting for the respond for my daughter ‘s replacement nothing happen. We applied four schools; dololo respond; what must we do;pls help us

  25. Got an sms was accepted but stil what do i do coz went to school they told me i should wait again for another sms for us to come and sign confirmation letter.This thing is taking long coz right now its time to buy uniforms

  26. i registered on the site to get space for my child for grade 8 to find placement until today ive heard nothing and it is already November

    someone please help

  27. Defenitly apartheid has resurface in a new format , our children must seek placement beyond borders and our taxes are reserved for few because Panyaza has not perfected this registration system, thank u exile is alternative.

  28. I received an sms that my child was accepted at Bedford View High. Visited. The schools I applied for were apparently full hence Bedford View was used for the placement. I visited the school yesterday 😭… 1. The school is far. 2 The school’s classrooms looked very neglected. 3 Level of professional conduct received from reception was a disaster. What does a person do in this case? Is the a process that one can follow for change of placement?
    Please advise 🙏

  29. Still waiting for my daughter to place,I’m thinking of take my child to gde to make a sit inn now is November we must be organising school uniform not this

  30. I applied on time for my daughter to the same school that she is doing grade R. The reason for grade R at the same school was to ensure the child is ready for the routine and level of that school. Now my daughter has been placed at a school we didn’t apply to. No explanation of how did the Department come to such decision.This is a frustrating process.All our plans as parents for our kids education are shattered.This is very frustrating and disappointing from the Department of education.

  31. Im so frustrated i dont know where my child will go next year.This online regitration is failing us parents n our children…..please take us out of this misery I’m waiting for second registration please notify us when it’s opened

  32. Not happy my child is been accepted to the school that I didn’t even apply for and it’s way far won’t even afford the transport that’s gonna take him there what are the possibilities of appealing the government is failing us really

  33. Hi
    I am from India n I am doing job in Capetown city centre.. My daughter 5 year completed n I wanted to take addmision in Grade 1..please suggest near by good school n process to follow for admission.. Also advised fees structure…

  34. Am very worried my child has not been placed ,l have not yet received the SMS.He is going to grade 8.what must l do?

  35. This placement is not fair i applied early and i need my child to be placed in my area no where else
    and the nearest school because no transport will end up paying for placement it goes there

  36. This new registration process doesn’t give us any freedom to take our kinds to the place where we want them to attend school, now my child has been accepted to the school which I didn’t even apply. The worse part they don’t offer the home language which my child is doing. Are they expecting my child to start over with a language?

  37. This online system a whole lot of bullshit.I applied the first day there started with this online system.Only today a message comes in for my kid to be given at a place of a school I’m not happy with at all.Already my kid is in this school I feel once the kid is in e school then already there should proceed to the next grade.One thing there dont realise this is going to affect kids there already use to being in that school.Now must start thinkin of new uniforms and also have to now change transport route. I hope that the minister is reading this I’m really pissed off.

  38. My child is being placed at wrong school…worse of it at the wrong area…What must i do.Im getting frustrated because hes graduating this weekend.

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