GDE Admissions: Step-by-step guide to applying online


Applying to the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) Admissions Online Application for Grade 1 and Grade 8 in Gauteng Public Schools can be daunting, but taking a step by step approach will allow you to succeed.

The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) has now opened the online application system for Grade 1 and Grade 8 learners on Monday, 20 May and here is the step-by-step guide to applying online for GDE Admissions:


1. To apply parents need to access the web address: to be on the “Welcome to Admissions Online Application” page. Parents are required to read the information on the Welcome Page and click on Apply to access Terms and Conditions. Parent clicks continue after reading the Terms and Conditions to proceed with the application
To proceed with the application, click on Apply.

2. A first-time user (parent) will be required to click “Apply” button to enter parent information before making an application (ALL users must create new credentials)

3. The “Enter Parent Information” form will pop-up and parent should complete all compulsory fields indicated by a star (an Asterix). The address fields contain Municipality; City/Town; Suburb/Township; street name and number. The parent’s cell phone number is compulsory as this number will be used by the Department to communicate with the parents regarding the application. The Landline and Email fields are not compulsory.

3. ID numbers are validated with the Department of Home Affairs, therefore after entering a valid South African ID number, the system will automatically populate the names associated with the ID number. Parents are therefore reminded to keep the parent’s ID and learner ID at hand when making an application.

5. A Username and Password will be created by the parent to login and access the main application as a User. The Password must be eight (8) characters long consisting of a Capital Letter, Small Letters, Numbers and a Special Character, for example, P@ss2021.

6. An SMS is sent to the parent, providing his/her login username and password. Please
keep this information for queries relating to your application

7. After submitting STEP 1, the application will automatically proceed to STEP 2 (ENTER LEARNER DETAILS) and the colour of STEP 1 will change to GREEN


On this page a parent needs to:

1. Enter learner information (Application cannot be made unless learner’s details are captured)

2. Click Submit Learner Details after completing the learner information page

3. STEP 2 will change to GREEN and the application will automatically proceed to STEP 3 (APPLY TO A SCHOOL)


A parent can apply using the following options: Home; Work; Sibling and Previous School (Previous School is for Grade 8 applications Only)


1. Home/Work address option – the system will provide schools closest to your home or work address

2. Sibling option – Applying to a school where your child has a sibling who is currently in Grade 1-6 and/or Grade 8-11. The sibling’s information will be required when this option is used.

3. Previous School Option – (Grade 8 application only)

The following options can also be used after the first application was made:

4. School of choice – Applying to a school of preference (NOTE: Applications that do not meet admissions criteria will be allocated a Waiting List B reference number)

5. Application to a School with a Specialised focus (SOS)

6. Application to a School with Boarding facility

Parent must complete all the required fields on the page

  • Select a learner
  • Select the Grade applying for (Parent can only apply for Grade 1 or Grade 8)
  • Select one of the application options:
    • Address (home or work)
    • Sibling
    • Previous school

Address (home or work):

When a parent applies using Home/work option, the system will provide schools closest to the home or work address for the parent to choose from Home and Work addresses can only be edited before an application is submitted


When a parent applies using the sibling option, the sibling details must be provided

Previous school:

When a parent applies using the previous school option, the name of the school where the learner is currently in Grade 7 must be provided

  • After completing the Application Page the parent must click “ Apply” to submit an application
  • The parent will receive a Waiting List reference number (Confirmation that the application was submitted).

A Waiting List reference number with a confirmation note will appear on the screen

  • A parent can “Apply again” (Make an application to another school for the same learner) or “Apply for another learner” (Enter details of another learner to apply)
  • Parents must note the 3 types of Waiting List Reference Numbers
    ▪ WA – Applicant qualifies for placement at the school applied to in terms of on the admissions criteria

▪ WB – Applicant does not qualify for placement at the school applied to in terms of the admissions criteria and should apply to a school where the waiting list will be WA
▪ WAB – The system cannot identify the address. In this case, the school will calculate the distance from the address provided to the school to ensure that the learner is not disadvantaged

NOTE: Documents must be submitted within 7 school days after submitting an application: 20 May – 22 July

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  1. Greetings!

    I have tried my level best to fill in where I possibly could, but have struggled a little bit with the acquisition and uploading of the documents required because the child does not stay with me while attending the present school. Hence the documents come from all different directions. My son is going to stay with me from 2021 because of the proximity of my residence and that of my workplace.

    After uploading all the documents, which I have done, how do I verify that they have reached the schools or the department? I am scared that I might be penalized because I have uploaded them but they might not have reached the schools or the department?

    Concerning the copies to be certified, do I have to certify the residential address as well?

  2. This website isn’t working nothing seems to working it’s difficult to type in the details how are we supposed to apply when the website isn’t even operating properly.

  3. The system doesn’t allow me to fill in the details of a leaner and also for parents please help

  4. I’m struggling to continue with the application when I enter the school that my son is currently at it say something when wrong I should try later I have tried several time but I have failed

    I have manage to register the first one but the second application is giving me a problem please help .

  5. Hi I want to apply for Grade1 and Grade8, but its hard to get the schools I want for my kids, only the selected around the location..How do I select schools that that I want cause we can only register online? The school’s are getting full

  6. I can’t register what’s wrong with this website? I’ve tried several times it just doesn’t seem to work

    What are we to do ?

  7. I can’t register my son for grade 1. The page where I have to put in my details doesn’t work. I have tried to use a different phone but this system doesn’t work.

    I need help please

  8. I have only entered the first part of the registration but cannot proceed is there something wrong with this app?

  9. I’ve been trying to apply for Grade 8 since the 25 June 2020 but it does not work .please assist.

  10. I have been trying to apply for my child to grade 8 but I can’t seem to figure out how to apply.These things are new to us and we are not allowed to go to those school to apply for our kids. PLEASE HELP

  11. I have applied but nw I want to add the missing documents and it’s nt alowing me to go in please help I aplyed on the 25

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  13. I have been trying to apply for grade 1 since 30 June but I cannot proceed. Please help!

  14. I struggle to continue to next step because the system shows nothing and stop on step 1 after filled the parent details

  15. i need help as i cant win i have been trying to register for grade 1, i feel that the Gov is failing us in this matter as my child is in Gr R and will be returning to the same school again next year and i still need to go through all this again.

  16. I have registered on the 25 but your system registered both my ID and my son ID no wrong now I’m struggling with school because they don’t match the original document

  17. As for me I found the system very frustrating since it does not respond at all, I try almost every day. Please update this system.

  18. Hi I’ve be trying my level best to apply for my little brother but nothing seems to work I thought maybe it’s my network but I’ve tried in May ways but I failed please help cause I want my brother to have a bright future and all of that will be possible if he gets a school

  19. Greetings

    I applied on the 25th and I am struggling to log in. I have changed my password and the change was accepted but still unable to log in to upload one last document.

    Can somebody help please.

  20. Hi!Panyaza why do we have to apply on-line for our children to be placed at schools and still used cellphone/computers to do so and it cost us the less privilaged or disenfranchised black communities with data which is costly.The time has come for you to reconsider that the system must be **Data-free** and does not cost less privilaged African communities you claimed to uplift /represent their aspiration for better life by using/implementing 4IR system

  21. The website is not working I’ve been struggling to log in from 29 June, I want to register for grade 1

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  27. Im trying to apply for my daughter is not working I tried it several times I cant go through

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    for my baby,butt the advertisements always disturbing me when Im applying yoh my data is finished
    May you please assist me

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  31. Hi . I applied at 27 June at the nearest school, but no respond. I even go to district, they promised to respond within 7 days now is been 10 days no feedback. Ke swanetse me dire eng cause le rile le tsea go ya ka distance ya no a dulago?

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