10 Types Of Girls That Singapore Guys Fall In Love With

Women are under the impression that Singaporean guys are all the same, which is admiringly kind of true. It also explains why local men often find themselves caught up in love triangles – we all like the same type of girls.

Guys only have 2 types of problems in life; money and women. So, let’s talk about one of those things. We rounded up 10 types of girls that we local guys fall in love with.

1. The Primary School Crush

Let’s take a walk down memory lane, all the way back to the good ol’ days when “Orh Hor” and “I don’t friend you liao”made up 80% of our vocabulary.

If you think what we used to say was silly, wait till you recall the things you did to ‘woo’ your biggest crush. Things like raising your hand whenever she did, and playing rough with her just to get her attention. Unfortunately, not all of us were born casanovas.

2. The First

For most of us, our primary school crushes were just epic fails. This is where ‘The First’ steps in. She’s the very first, actual, semi-serious girlfriend that you’ve had, most probably during secondary school. It was the birth child of raging hormones and infatuation.

For a relatively small few of us who were lucky enough, our firsts flourished into something sweet. But for the unfortunate rest of us, the memories are bittersweet at best. The relationship most likely turned out to be the reason why we flunked our ‘O’ levels.

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