10 Types Of Girls That Singapore Guys Fall In Love With


3. The Atas Girl

She hangs out at Orchard all day and only wears top-shelf clothing and accessories. She refuses to eat anywhere that even remotely resembles a kopitiam. So she ends up sucking more than she should… moneywise, I mean.

Needless to say, sustaining her luxurious lifestyle proved to be a task far beyond your means, so things ended right about when your pockets turned empty.

4. The Model

She’s the girl who was way out of your league. It was a miracle that you actually managed to get this far with her, but being with her was certainly one of the most painful experiences. Feeling secure was non-existent, given the amount of attention she receives on a daily basis.


A vast majority of your arguments revolved around her male model friends, inappropriate Instagram comments, and her hectic lifestyle. Pretty much every other guy she hung out with was either 10 times better looking than you or 10 times fitter than you.

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