10 Types Of Girls That Singapore Guys Fall In Love With

5. The Ah Lian

Surprisingly enough, a good number of Singapore males have a thing for our local ah lians. Their feistiness can be quite a turn on some times. If you’ve ever been with one, you’d probably find yourself: – Playing way too much pool – Spending way too much time at thai discos – Smoking way too much – Sitting way too much at void decks.

As fun and exciting the relationship was, the daily routine eventually became rather monotonous and predictable. Unless you knocked her up, then siao liao.

6. The Churchie

There’s just something alluring about the purity and innocence of a church-going girl. It’s difficult to explain, but there was definitely a part of you that thought her influence would make you a better person. Chances are, your influence probably made her worse.

Accompanying her to church and cell groups was quite enjoyable, but things probably turned sour when she refused to put out. That’s when you refused to put up.

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