10 Types Of Girls That Singapore Guys Fall In Love With

7. The Siao Zha Bor

She’s obsessive, possessive, and ridiculously insecure. You could never have any peace eating KFC, because you had to wash your hands every minute to reply her just so she won’t think that you’re cheating on her with someone else. She needs to be the centre of your attention 24/7 and has the tendency of faking sicknesses just to get you to show some concern.

In some extreme cases, she might even fake a pregnancy. Things probably ended when you found out that she was the one cheating on you the entire time.

8. The Plain Jane

After an exorbitant amount of failed relationships, perhaps its time to go back to the basics, i.e. The Plain Jane. She’s the girl who has no opinions about anything, which makes her easy to get along with. She spends her money on Starbucks and her time on selfies. Whenever you ask her a question, her standard answer is either ‘ok lor’ or ‘anything lor’.

She spends half her day online shopping, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s not the most exciting thing either. The relationship is kind of like a straight line most of the time, which gets kind of boring after a while.

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